More than 200,000 people are headed to Minneapolis this weekend to celebrate Super Bowl LII. It promises to be a fun and extremely cold week, with temperatures near 0º F on Sunday. So, if you’re in Minnesota, have a blast in the cold weather! If you’re somewhere warm, why not enjoy the game from the comfort of your boat? Here’s our list of everything you’ll need to have an awesome game day.



This is the biggest time of the year for television sales. If you have the space on board, and you’ve made the decision to watch the big game on a TV instead of a tablet or computer, then you need to go with one of these.


Furrion LD RV 19″ HDTV

This TV is specifically made for boats and RVs. It has a huge range of connectivity and audio-output options, and at 19 inches, it’s a manageable size.

Majestic Full HD 12 Volt 32″ TV

Bigger, but not too big. Majestic excels at creating TVs that are tough enough to handle marine environments. It runs out a small amount of voltage and has a range of connectivity options to make watching the game as easy as possible. A Global Solutions TV tuner allows you to connect to local stations.


Magma Marine Grills
Boat Grill
Magma is known for their portable grills that easily attach to any surface. All their models provide ample space to cook delicious meals and keep everyone on board well fed. The stainless steel casing is classic, and you’ll love the easy-to-clean design.



Radio & Speaker System Upgrade


You’re going to want to have the best radio and stereo combo available. Crownline offers an awesome Performance Amplified Stereo Upgrade that will have you enjoying the game and partying in style.


12 Volt Blender
Boat Blender

Perfect for making drinks and your signature party dip, these blenders are simple, easy to clean, and use a 12 volt onboard outlet.


TracVision Portable Satellite TV
Boat Satelite
If you have a spare $2,000 sitting around, then go big with TracVision Portable Satellite TV. Enjoy fantastic sports packages and all the perks satellite TV has to offer. Be warned: Once you have one of these, it’s going to be hard to leave your boat.

Docktail Fully Custom Bar

Boat bar

Mix and match drinks and plates to create your own personalized bar. This bar can be mounted, clipped or placed on a flat surface. It’s sure to impress and bring even more life to the party.