Watching Fireworks on the water is one of the many perks of boat owners.  The Fourth of July is made for boating! No other holiday lends itself to boating quite like Independence Day does. Sitting at the peak of the summer, the Fourth is often the most fun day of the year. There is always plenty of boats on the water and people are sure to be in a great mood. It’s the perfect time to enjoy your local boating community. Get out there and meet new people, take your friends and family for a cruise, or just relax and enjoy some music while sunbathing before taking in a fireworks show at night. Anyway you look at it, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Fourth, but catching a great fireworks show is a necessity. Here are a few we recommend.


Chicago, Illinois

chicago fire works

Chicago is made for a stellar fireworks display. The city offers some of the best architecture in the world and boasts a simply stunning amount of skyscrapers. Pair the gorgeous skyline with the majesty of Lake Michigan and you have what many consider the best on-the-water fireworks show in the entire country.  Better yet, Lake Michigan offers plenty of space for activities during the day, meaning that you won’t have to deal with ridiculous crowds for the majority of your day. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to celebrate the USA.


Boston, Massachusetts

boston fire works


Boston does the Fourth big. Really big. Few cities have a display as beloved as the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. They celebrate with not one, but two days of fireworks. The show starts with the unbelievable Boston Pops Orchestra, featuring several guest performers before the fireworks begin. The whole show lasts about 2 hours and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. You won’t be able to watch the concert from the water, but you can hear it from the comfort of your Crownline and will get a much better view of the fireworks. It’s a truly special event that is best enjoyed on a Crownline.


Sarasota, Florida

sarasota fire works

Down South, Sarasota offers a Fourth of July experience that begs to be enjoyed from the warm waters of the Gulf. Enjoy tasty cuisine at one of the many fine restaurants the area has to offer, or cook something up onboard yourself, before catching the show at dusk. The show packs up pretty quick, so it’s well worth it to be there early. Don’t worry about waiting awhile for the show to start, that’s just more time for you to enjoy hanging out onboard your boat.


New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans fire works

New Orleans offers a truly unique and fascinating celebration of the Fourth. The multicultural hub city offers a huge variety of ways for people to celebrate, from a traditional American style to events that incorporate another culture’s flair into the mix. The most popular way to celebrate is to attend the Dueling Barges’ Show, during which two firework crews try to outperform one another to the tune of patriotic music. It’s an absolute blast and welcomes private boaters, just make sure to stay away from the barges. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of that action.


San Diego, California

san diego fire works
If you like the idea of two barges battling it out to display the best fireworks, you’ll enjoy four barges teaming up to put on the biggest show on the West Coast. San Diego’s Big Bay Boom is truly a sight to behold. Enjoy the beautiful San Diego Bay during the day, and then settle down at night for an absolutely breathtaking display. There’s something about the California sun, your Crownline and a ton of fireworks that just feels right. Get there early so you can grab a great spot to anchor.


Seattle, Washington

seattle fire works

Seattle is the North West’s king of waterfront fireworks. For years, this was the biggest fireworks display in the Nation, and while other cities have overtaken them in terms of size, it’s hard to argue with the quality of Seattle’s show. Head to Lake Union for the day and celebrate freedom in a gorgeous area. With comfortable weather and a great community to interact with, this is one show you won’t want to miss. Grab the people you love and your Crownline and have a day you won’t forget.


All in all, where ever you decide to launch your Crownline this Fourth of July is a great place to have some fun. Just make sure to enjoy yourself and be safe!

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