Our friends over at Boating World magazine released a great article listing fishing mistakes to cut out of your routine. We’ve picked a few of our favorites to help you get the best out of all your outings this year.


1. Get a New Pair of Pliers.

we suggested upgrading your outdated gear. What better place to start than that rusty chunk of metal that was once your favorite pliers? First, pliers are cheap—a great pair costs less than $20 and lasts for years. Second, rusty metal is bad for fish, which is bad for you if you’re eating your catch.  Like these from amazon https://www.amazon.com/Zitrades-Fishing-Aluminum-Saltwater-Lanyard/dp/B00CQGSX32 

Fishing Pliers


2. Stay Away from Bug Sprays with DEET.

Did you know that DEET repels fish as well as mosquitos? Consider switching to picaridin or plant-based alternatives such as eucalyptus sprays to avoid scaring off the fish. Or, at the very least, apply DEET before you get on the water.

Picaridin Spray


3. Stop Biting the Fishing Line

It’s downright awful for your teeth. Use a knife or scissors.

Not Biting Fishing Line


4. Keep Calm and Stay Quiet

Getting upset and yelling over a missed bite is a surefire way to miss even more. Sound can travel through the water and easily scare away the fish.



5. Take It Easy on Your Fish Finder

Turn off your fish finder’s fish icons. Newer models are strong enough to handle high-resolution icons, but there’s no reason to stress older LCD models that are designed to display only lines and dots. Fish icons can blow out displays and obscure your picture, making it harder to tell where the fish actually are.



6. Try Out a Hydraulic Line Tensioner

These machines are designed to get more line on the reel and pack it at the perfect pressure. This lets you cast farther and stay on the water longer without worrying about your line getting tangled.