Looking for great places to boat in April?  We know some amazing spots.  April sits on the cusp of boating season for a majority of the country. It’s a gorgeous month, filled with blooming flowers and rising temperatures, and it’s the perfect time to take your boat out of storage and launch a new season of adventure. Here are our recommendations for an April escape in your Crownline.


Lake Santeetlah, North Carolina

Lake Santeetlah, NC

Lake Santeetlah is in many ways the perfect lake: not too busy, unspoiled, absolutely stunning, and an ideal place to fish, ski or cruise. It’s a wonderful destination for residents of the greater Knoxville and Asheville areas, so you’ll likely find a good mix of locals and tourists during the summer months. However, mild April weather makes it a perfect time to visit weeks away from the main tourist season. Sleep at cozy B&Bs like Blue Waters Mountain Lodge, pitch your tent in one of the scenic campgrounds, or make it an overnight on your Crownline.


Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

Lake Ouachita is huge. Spanning 40,000 acres with Hot Springs National Park right next door, there’s so much to explore on Arkansas’ largest lake. It’s an ideal place to get up to speed and test the limits of your boat after a long winter. The lake has an undeveloped shoreline, so it’s an otherworldly place to visit and enjoy with plenty of good places to eat, including the awesome Cajun Boilers.

Lake Lanier, Georgia

Lake Lanier, GA

A legendary lake known for its miles of shoreline and vibrant culture, Lake Lanier is one of the most beloved lakes in the country. Complete with a wide variety of resorts and campgrounds, plenty of entertainment hot spots, and loads of good food (Pig Tales is a favorite), it’s truly a southern paradise. The area gets a heavy dose of visitors from Atlanta, which is less than an hour away, but the city and lake have a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s hard not to give some credit to Lake Lanier when considering Atlanta’s cultural upswing in the past 20 years.


Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, CA

Widely regarded as the best lake in the U.S. (the Great Lakes aside), Tahoe is the gold standard by which all other lakes are compared. It would take many years to properly explore the area with state parks (including Emerald Bay State Park with its stunning views), great food, and virtually every type of outdoor activity you can imagine.


Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah

Lake Powell, AZ

As we get further into April, we get further away from the craziness of spring break season and more space to explore. This is good, because Lake Powell deserves to be enjoyed as much as possible. A reservoir in the Colorado River straddling Arizona and Utah, it’s truly one of the most beautiful destinations in the West. Enjoy breathtaking canyons, rugged adventure, a huge selection of marinas and hotels, and for food, look no further than Big John’s Texas BBQ.


It’s the perfect time of year to dust off the life jackets, tune up the engine, and get out there and enjoy.

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