Boating is usually not the most difficult pastime. Sure, there are a couple of tricky aspects that take time to get used to, but in general, it’s a pretty straightforward and fun activity. BUT, there are mistakes that any good boater needs to avoid. Some are obvious, and some are little things that could easily get forgotten. Here’s a list of ways to avoid common boating mistakes. And to help you remember, we’ve illustrated them all in GIF-form.


  1. Don’t Forget to Install the Drain Plug

One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to install the drain plug (or plugs) before you launch. The drain plug stops your boat from filling up with water when you’re not cruising. A fair amount of boating is hanging out in a great spot, and nothing ruins an outing like a boat full of water.


  1. Know How to Launch

It’s almost never this easy.

In fact, launching a boat is usually much closer to this:

The good news is, we’ve already written a blog post about trailering a boat. Check it out before you make any common mistakes.


  1. Know How to Dock

Again, we’ve written a blog on how to do this properly. Review the process and make sure to take things slowly. A smooth, clean approach is always better than a fast one. Otherwise, you’ll have a situation like this on your hands:


Instead, you’ll want something closer to this (just with more boat):



  1. Watch Your Speed

 Look, we know it’s fun to go fast. Especially in a boat as awesome as a Crownline. But please, do so safely. Watch for chop, other boats and swimmers, and make sure you’re properly on plane before getting up to speed. Otherwise, something like this might happen.


  1. Tie a Good Knot

It really shouldn’t be this hard to board your boat.


  1. Bring Provisions

 No one wants to be out on the water without anything to eat or drink. Keep the cooler well stocked and don’t forget the water. Boating and water sports can be particularly dehydrating, especially on a hot, sunny day.