It’s easier to go into the new year when you’ve prepared a couple of resolutions that will make your life better. Getting more sleep or going to the gym are fine, but why not resolve to make 2018 a great year for boating? Here are some suggestions for what you can do in 2018 to make boating the best it can be.


  1. Buy a New Crownline


Nothing beats the excitement of taking a run on a brand new Crownline. 2018 is the perfect year for you to impress everyone you know with a boat you’re sure to fall in love with. With a wide selection of luxury boats—from cuddies and deck boats to surf boats and yachts—Crownline’s got you covered.


  1. Explore New Places


Traveling is great, but traveling with your boat is the best. Bring it someplace new and take in the sights while soaking up the sun. Fun spots on rivers, lakes and oceans are just waiting to be explored.


  1. Practice Safety Procedures


Safety procedures may not be the most fun part of boating, but there’s a good chance they’ll save your life. You’re far more likely to survive a life-threatening accident if you’ve outlined emergency plans with your crew. Do everyone a favor and take time to do this in 2018.


  1. Cook a Meal OnboardBoat Recipe


Use an onboard grill to whip up a fantastic meal for you and your guests. Treat your friends to a lunch on the lake, or cook something special for the one you love. A meal on the water is almost impossible to beat.  Here are some great recipes and tips from The Boat Galley


  1. Upgrade Your Gear


It’s time to switch out your old gear for the latest models. You won’t be able to stay away from the water if you get some new ropes, skis, tubes, boards, and rods. 2018 is the year to upgrade and get on your way.


  1. Fry Up a Fresh Catch


Fresh fish is the best fish. Break out the onboard grill again and fry up a fresh catch. No meal tastes as good as one you make from start to finish.


  1. Spend a Night on the WaterCabin


If your boat has a cabin, use it! Cast off, have a great day, and spend the night on the water watching the stars. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Happy Holidays from Crownline!