Industry news all seem to be pointing in the same direction, outboard power boat sales are on the rise.  Sales are up more than 25% over the last year.  (data from Statistical Surveys, inc.)  You have no doubt seen the boating industry add more outboard power to their line ups in response to consumer demand.  Crownline has added several outboard options,  and will continue this trend for 2019 model year.  Outboard engines continue to dominate sales figures not just here in the U.S., but all around the world.

So why the growing outboard trend?  There are a few advantages that come along with an outboard.

Extra Space

Engine Hatch Storage

With the engine out back, you open up more cockpit space for storage.  One of the most demanded features of a boat “more storage.”  The average boater needs as much storage space as possible to enjoy a full day on the water, and this helps solve that problem.   While you do loose some area of the swim platform with an outboard, Crownline has accommodated the swim platform for as much coverage as possible,  with our new “walk around” insert for the motor well.  The outboard  swim platform is still very family friendly.


Easier Maintenance 

Repairs are extremely easy since the motor is not in a confined, cramped engine compartment.  Which means less time off the water, and less labor hours at the mechanic.  You can even leave the boat home and just remove the engine for repairs,  an outboard can typically be remove from your boat in less than an hour and moved to virtually any repair shop.  An outboard can be used longer into the season without fear of freezing, since its cooling system drains completely after every use.



There’s a big difference between the handling and maneuverability of a true inboard versus an outboard. Meaning, an inboard requires a bit of practice as there’s a significant larger learning curve with respect to docking, backing up, and turning while in reverse. Over time owners will obviously become proficient but for inboard beginners (and those around them in the marina) be aware.  Outboards are also easier to maneuver in shallow waters, the motors can be adjusted or lifted completely out of the water to avoid running aground.


Outboard Advancement

If you rode around in your Dad’s outboard fishing boat back in the day, you probably remember a loud engine drowning out the sounds of everyone on board.  Those days are gone.  Outboard engines can be barely audible, even from the cockpit of a 21′ boat.  You will be amazed at how quiet they are!  There are several manufacturers to choose from and a wide selection of power and even colors available to personalize your craft.


The outboard vs. inboard debate is sure to rage on, but as long as you’re on the water, it’s hard to have a bad time.



From Boating Industry May 1, 2017

“The market shift to outboard power has been closely associated to the types of boats that consumers want to buy today,” Foulkes said. “Outboard-powered deck boats are creating demand for outboard engines in a segment of the market where there wasn’t much demand 10 or 15 years ago. People are buying outboard-powered pontoons today, where in the past they might have bought a runabout, because they can go 50 miles an hour and still seat a dozen people and do tow sports and all kinds of things. The big crossover saltwater fishing boats, which now offer the kind of accommodation a cruiser used to have, are also outboard-powered. All of these categories are particularly strong right now, and they are all contributing to driving the growth in outboard power.”

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