Boats are built to take a beating. But pounding waves, deck bumps, water corrosion and sun damage can all take their toll. Here are a few ways to keep your boat looking good and driving well so you can avoid some costly repairs down the road.

  1. Spray your engine with a high-quality rust inhibitor.
  2. Use a product like Liquid Tape to waterproof and protect your electrical connections.
  3. Apply a UV inhibitor annually to your vinyl and Bimini.
  4. Wax your hull annually to reduce oxidation.
  5. Install strong, stainless steel grab rails throughout your boat (Crownline boats come standard with theses) so passengers have something sturdy to grab during rogue waves.
  6. Check all screws, bolts, latches and hooks monthly. Tighten any that are loose and replace any that are weakened.
  7. Check your engine mounts, battery box mounts and fuel line fittings often. Look for loose nuts, discoloration or cracking.
  8. Check your propeller frequently for pitting, rough edges, bending or gouges. Any vibration from a damaged prop will wear on your drive train and could result in costly repairs.