It’s almost impossible to avoid social media. Virtually everyone has Facebook and Instagram account and most people are still on Twitter. While social media can definitely be overwhelming, it is a lot of fun when you follow the right accounts. And, what better accounts are there than ones that focus on boating?

Here’s a list of our favorite boating social media accounts:

  1. Crownline

Facebook: Crownline Boats

Instagram: crownlineboats 

Youtube: Crownline Boats

Twitter: @CrownlineBoats1


This one is obvious. If you’re not following us, you should be. Check out the latest news, boats, photography, and behind the scenes videos of your favorite boat manufacturer on the biggest social media sites. Following us is the best way to stay in touch with what we have going on at the moment and what we’ve got planned for the future.

2. Boating Magazine

Boating Mag Logo


Facebook: Boating Mag

Instagram: boatingmagazine

Twitter: @Boatingmagazine

You Tube: Boating Magazine


Boating magazine is a publication whose main topic is boating, new boat reviews, boat motors and watersports. They can be aimed at different water sports enthusiasts including: cruisers, fishers, skiers, sailors, racers, et cetera.  A great source of information and very active on social media.


3. Boating World

Facebook: Boating World Magazine

Instagram: boatingworld

Twitter: @BoatingWorldMag


Boating World has been a leading voice in the boat industry since its creation in the 90s. They have awesome insight on most boat and engine manufacturers. It’s the perfect spot for great reviews on boats, motors and the latest marine products. From videos and blogs, to their top-selling magazine, expect great insight and expertise on all things boating.

4. Boating Industry

Facebook: Boating Industry
Instagram: boatingindustry
Twitter: @boatingindustry

This insider magazine offers great content for hardcore boating enthusiasts. Get industry updates from all manufacturers and major industry events. This magazine has a great web presence. They have an informative podcast as well as cultivated social media pages. If you like the world of business as well as boating, you’ll enjoy Boating Industry

5. US Coast Guard

Facebook: U.S. Coast Guard
Instagram: uscg
Twitter: @USCG


The US Coast Guard excels at making safety cool and fun. Their social accounts are true to form, especially their awesome Instagram page. Each week they let a different team from a boat or unit take over the account and post photos of what they do. It’s a fascinating look into a different, crucial side of boating. Check out sweet pics while getting up-to-date crucial information on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

6. West Marine

Facebook: West Marine

Instagram: westmarineinc

Twitter: @westmarine


The largest boating outfitter in the world keeps all boaters in the loop when it comes to great products and services. Get exclusive deals and insights on their Facebook page. Check out what’s going on across the world on their eclectic Instagram feed. Last, connect with them directly in real-time on Twitter. West Marine is a significant power in the boating industry and you should stay updated on what they are promoting. The products they carry can often make and/or save the day.


7. My Boat Life

My Boat Life

My Boat Life was established in 2010 as a personal boating lifestyle blog and has grown to become a boating lifestyle site that now features boating topics such as useful boat products and gear, ways to have more fun on the water, family boating, buying and selling tips, marina info, boating lifestyle features and much more.

Facebook: MyBoatLife

Instagram: My.BoatLife

Twitter: MyBoatLife

YouTube: MyBoatLife