Spring Break Destinations – Plenty of people get caught up in the stereotype that spring break is only for hard-partying college kids. In reality, the average age of people who take a spring break trip is 49. From families needing a break from soccer practice and homework, to retirees who want to replenish after a long winter, spring break is for everyone. The best way to experience a relaxing getaway is with your Crownline. We’ve selected a few destinations from coast to coast that are ideal for pampering yourself after a long season indoors.

Palm Beach

Destination: The Palm Beaches, Florida

Perfect for: Everyone


The Palm Beaches have over 47 miles of sandy shoreline, so visitors of all ages can spread out and be comfortable. For families, there are plenty of resorts available in a wide range of prices. World-class golf courses, delicious dining, unique shops and luxury stores, beautiful sculpture gardens, and fascinating museums line the area. There are more than enough marinas and docks to hop around in your boat with the entire ocean and Intercoastal Waterway at your disposal.


Lake Havasu

Destination: Lake Havasu, Arizona

Perfect for: College Kids


Lake Havasu has the unique distinction of being the centerpoint between Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Diego, making it any easy destination and the perfect place for spring break partying. It’s a boater’s and watersport enthusiast’s paradise with loads of docks and sandbars, and it’s filled with great clubs and word-class entertainment. If you’re planning on bringing your family, it’s best to wait until the crowds quiet down in April. Or go in January for the Balloon Festival and Fair.



Destination: Carlsbad, California

Perfect For: Families


All the perks of SoCal, without the crazy crowds. Carlsbad is a gorgeous area with stunning cliffs, premier surfing, beautiful state beaches, must-see LEGOLAND, amazing aquariums, calm waters for relaxed boating, and ocean access for deep-sea fun. It’s practically the perfect vacation spot. Carlsbad also has some of the best Mexican cuisine in the country, the famous Karl Strauss Brewing Company, sensational surf-and-turf spots, and a great selection of fresh seafood.


Lake Mead

Destination: Lake Mead, Nevada

Perfect for: Everyone


Like Lake Havasu, Lake Mead is a great break spot for college kids. But with over 550 miles of coastline, there’s plenty of room for everyone. It’s one of the largest man-made lakes in the world and a great place to take advantage of your Crownline’s sport performance and cabin. Tear up the water during the day and stay comfy onboard at night. If you do it right, you don’t even have to step on land until it’s time to head home. But if you want to enjoy the area, Lake Mead has great fishing, hiking, hunting, scuba diving, and some seriously tasty restaurants.

Outer Banks

Location: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Perfect for: Families


The Outer Banks, barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, are cool. Really cool. And they’re full of crazy history. It’s where the Wright brothers flew their first plane, Blackbeard fought his last battle, and a colony of Pilgrims mysteriously disappeared. There’s lots of space to explore, fish and wildlife watch. Visit Ocracoke Island and immerse yourself in a pirate adventure. Hang glide and hike the sand dunes at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Or take in some spooky history and historic gravesites at Roanoke Island where an entire English colony vanished in 1590. If you like history, food, warm water and adventure, the Outer Banks are for you.


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