Boat Maintenance

Winter Boat Maintenance


Winter Boat Maintenance is important to extend the life of your boat. Winter is a tough season for boaters. The days drag on as you long for that first launch. But, try thinking of winter as an investment period for your boat; the pre-season, if you will. If you put in the work now, it will definitely [...]

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Saltwater Boat Maintenance


Saltwater boating is thrilling, adventurous and immersive. The feeling of braving the ocean in your own boat is both humbling and empowering. Saltwater boating is so intoxicating that humans have been fascinated the great blue frontier for thousands of years, with countless works of art depicting daring deep-sea adventures. If you’re a Crownline owner who loves [...]

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Your Guide to Green Boating


Green Boating isn't just a fad.  This past weekend marked another Earth Day. As we recognize the day committed to preserving our environment, we’re reminded that the better we take care of our waterways, the better boating will be. There are many simple ways that can make your day on the water better for the Earth [...]

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Preventative Maintenance for Your Boat


Boats are built to take a beating. But pounding waves, deck bumps, water corrosion and sun damage can all take their toll. Here are a few ways to keep your boat looking good and driving well so you can avoid some costly repairs down the road. Spray your engine with a high-quality rust inhibitor. Use a [...]

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Boat Propeller Maintenance


From sapping your fuel tank to leaving you stranded, damage to your boat’s propeller can cause all sorts of headaches! Propeller problems are often easily avoidable – so long as you are properly prepared and keep up with routine maintenance. Here are some tips on caring for your boat’s propeller: Inspect your propeller before every outing. [...]

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Maintaining Your Crownline


Your Crownline boat can last you a very long time if you give it the regular care and maintenance it needs. Here’s a short list of things that a responsible Crownline owner needs to check regularly: Fuel. Forget this, and your boat is dead in the water – literally. Oil. Your Crownline boat is your car [...]

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