End-of-Summer Safety Checkup

Summer is winding down, and in the warm calm of August it may be tempting to skip out on some common boating safety practices. But now is not the time to get complacent when it comes to safety. Here is a friendly reminder of the things to check off your list so you and your loved ones always stay safe on the water.   Stock

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Getting to Know Personal Flotation Devices

As we crawl ever closer to boating season, it’s important to stop and consider your safety practices and equipment. No, safety isn’t the most exciting part of boating, but it’s incredibly important. Before you go have the time of your life on your Crownline, it’s essential to understand the nuances of boating safety and the laws that make boating a healthy and fun activity for

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It’s National Boating Safety Week

  It’s National Boating Safety Week - May 19-25 is National Boating Safety Week, the best time of year to brush up on critical safety rules and recommendations. The campaign highlights many forms of safe boating, but focuses on the importance of wearing life jackets. In 2016, 83% of boating-related deaths occurred when the victim was not wearing a life jacket. Most of those deaths were

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It’s the Perfect Time for a Boating Safety Course

It’s the Perfect Time for a Boating Safety Course - Last week we gave you some tips on how to properly prepare for spring boating. While the weather may be great for our boaters in temperate climates, many northern boaters are stuck inside hoping for an early thaw.   While you wait, it’s a great time to touch up your knowledge by taking a boating safety

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Lightening Storm Safety and Survival Techniques

Every boater is afraid of being caught in a bad lightning storm. Lightning typically kills between 25 and 30 people per year in the US and a long history of Hollywood movies and infamous stories have rightly left us in fear of the unpredictable weather phenomenon. Obviously, with your boat containing plenty of metal and being on the water you should always try to get

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Fall Boating Safety

Less traffic on the water, better fishing and incredible scenery make fall a great time to go boating. But the season also means cooler weather and lower water temperatures, so stay safe with these year-end-boating tips. DRESS SMART Layers are lifesavers in tough conditions, so don’t just throw on a big coat. Any time you’re boating in temperatures less than 60o F, insulate with three

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How to Execute the Perfect Dock

Docking your boat can be stressful. Wind, currents and other watercraft can make docking difficult, but if you follow these four easy steps, the process can be swift, simple and successful. 1. ANALYZE YOUR APPROACH Approach the dock at a 30- to 45-degree angle with your bow aimed at the center of your landing point. If the wind and current will be pushing you toward the

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Stay Safe This Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is an exciting celebration of the end of summer, and boaters across the country will be taking advantage of the last warm days to enjoy some fun in the sun. But before you head out, keep in mind these important tips to ensure that everyone on board stays safe on the water.   BOAT SOBER Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor

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Electric Shock Drowning

An afternoon swim around a dock can easily become deadly with a killer you can’t see or hear. Protect your family from Electric Shock Drowning (ESD). It’s the silent killer of every boating season, but it can be prevented. ESD can occur when low levels of electric current from nearby boats or dock wiring pass through the water and into a swimmer’s body causing temporary

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Safety Gear You Should Have Onboard

Owning a boat is all about having fun and a place to relax. Having Proper safety gear onboard is a MUST, problems can occur, whether it’s someone falling overboard or an onboard fire. Even small problems can quickly turn dangerous if you’re not prepared.  Here is our list of safety essentials and a few extras. Make a safety gear checklist and review it regularly. Some

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