Fall Boating

Appreciating Fall Boating - The leaves are changing and the air is cooling, but the new season doesn’t mean you have to pull your Crownline and wrap it up for storage. For many boaters, fall is the best time of year to enjoy the open water. From the scenic views and tasty onboard meals, to cruises in the crisp autumn air and fantastic fishing on an

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Tying Up Your Boat

Tying up your boat is an essential but often overlooked part of being a boat owner. Being able to properly tie off your Crownline keeps your boat safe, allows you to pull up to new places, and makes the waterways more enjoyable for everyone. No one should have to worry about a boat getting loose, especially their own. So, here’s a quick lesson in how

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It’s National Boating Safety Week

  It’s National Boating Safety Week - May 19-25 is National Boating Safety Week, the best time of year to brush up on critical safety rules and recommendations. The campaign highlights many forms of safe boating, but focuses on the importance of wearing life jackets. In 2016, 83% of boating-related deaths occurred when the victim was not wearing a life jacket. Most of those deaths were

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A Guide to Overnight Boating

A Guide to Overnight Boating- For a true boating enthusiast, few experiences are as incredible as an overnight or all-weekend river cruise. The gentle rocking of the water and the waves lapping against your boat are sure to put you into a deep sleep after a day of fun and adventure. During the day, cruise, fish, ski, swim, grill, or do whatever it is you like

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Boat Transport Checklist

Boat Transport Checklist - At some point, a boat owner is going to need to have a boat transported from one place to another. Whether this is from the sales room floor to your home, from your home to a marina or from one marina to another, it’s important to handle the relocation the right way to avoid damaging the boat.   The first thing

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