A Visit to Sandpoint, Idaho

If you enjoy breathtaking views, open water and a charming small town, your next Crownline vacation should be to Sandpoint, Idaho. Located on the edge of Big Sky Country, Sandpoint offers a range of activities that will appeal to just about everyone. If you’re a thrill seeker, go skiing (both on land and water), deep-water diving, and high-speed cruising. If you like to keep things

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A Visit to Lake Jocassee, South Carolina

South Carolina has a reputation for beauty. With a number of stunning mountain ranges, the scenic coast and gorgeous towns dotting the region, it’s impossible not to find a place to call your own. Perhaps the most magical destination of all is Lake Jocassee. The reservoir, which is fed by four rivers, is nestled in the lush, green mountains and is full of dazzling waterfalls.

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Boating in Canada

Boating in Canada Canada is a boating paradise that many people overlook. Our friend to the north has more lakes than any other country in the world and 150,000 miles of coastline. Here are some of our favorite spots to take your Crownline if you want to go boating in Canada. Howe Sound, British Columbia Howe Sound is a breathtaking place. Located north of Vancouver

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Looking for great places to boat in April?  We know some amazing spots.  April sits on the cusp of boating season for a majority of the country. It’s a gorgeous month, filled with blooming flowers and rising temperatures, and it’s the perfect time to take your boat out of storage and launch a new season of adventure. Here are our recommendations for an April escape

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A Visit to Madison, Indiana

Madison, Indiana, is an essential stop for Crownline owners who enjoy river boating. This beautiful town sits on the Ohio River and has an incredible collection of well-preserved Federal and Greek Revival buildings dating from the mid-1800’s antebellum period. In 2006, the majority of the downtown area—133 blocks—was designated the largest contiguous National Historic Landmark in the U.S. On the west side of town is

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Exploring the Beauty of Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is often overlooked when people consider the Great Lakes. Lakes Michigan, Superior and Erie tend to hog the national conversation due to the number of tourists they attract, while Ontario and Huron take a back seat. So, we figured it was time to give Ontario a shout-out for being a seriously cool and underappreciated member of our beautiful Great Lakes. Here are some

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