The Incredible Raymarine Axiom+ Multifunction Navigational System

The Incredible Raymarine Axiom+ Multifunction Navigational System Fresh off of winning Editor’s Choice for Best Electronics Award from Boating Magazine, the Raymarine Axiom+ has cemented itself as one of the most essential upgrades for any well-equipped boat on the water. Full of incredible features and loads of memory, this system is the next step in the evolution of navigation technology, and

The Incredible Raymarine Axiom+ Multifunction Navigational System2021-03-01T15:50:45-06:00

Crownline Boats E285XS Boating Magazine May Cover!

The amazing staff of Boating Magazine spent the day on our E285XS recently.  You can read all about it in the May 2019 issue of Boating Magazine available now.  About Crownline Boats E285XS The ALL NEW Crownline Eclipse E 285 XS is a stunner!  This 27′ 10″ outboard crossover model melds theF.A.S.T. Tab® performance and sexy style lines of a Crownline bowrider with the roominess

Crownline Boats E285XS Boating Magazine May Cover!2020-03-19T10:41:13-05:00

How To Trim A Boat When Making Turns

Maximize your boats performance and fuel efficiency by learning how to properly use your trim switch.  Boating Magazine has some great instruction on how to trim a boat while making turns.  Adjusting the trim properly is essential to smoother, safer turning. By Kevin Falvey As seen on Boating Magazine's Blog  "Remember: If the drive is trimmed up, the bow will come up. If the drive is trimmed

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It’s the Perfect Time for a Boating Safety Course

It’s the Perfect Time for a Boating Safety Course - Last week we gave you some tips on how to properly prepare for spring boating. While the weather may be great for our boaters in temperate climates, many northern boaters are stuck inside hoping for an early thaw.   While you wait, it’s a great time to touch up your knowledge by taking a boating safety

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“Crownline’s E23 XS offers aggressive handling with the looks to match.”

See the review on our NEW E23 XS by Boating Magazine!         Put aside the style and the long list of standards and remember this: ­Crownline’s E23 XS is pure fun to drive. Sure, our test boat’s whisper-quiet Mercury 250 Verado had something to do with it, but the true magic is in Crownline’s F.A.S.T. Tab hull. The design vents the chines in

“Crownline’s E23 XS offers aggressive handling with the looks to match.”2020-03-19T10:42:13-05:00

E29 XS Boating Magazine Cover Story

Read all about it!  Boating Magazine reviews the E29 XS, and we love what they have to say. Here’s a preview of the article: THE CROWNLINE  PACKS A CROWD YET HANDLES LIKE A CLASSIC SPORTS CAR. The new Crownline E29 XS is a thoroughly modern boat, but operating it evokes memories of driving a vintage Mustang convertible: It can flex like a muscle car, but

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Boating CT’s Candlewood Lake

CONNECTICUT MAY HAVE A LONG, BEAUTIFUL COASTLINE, BUT ONE OF ITS MOST POPULAR BOATING DESTINATIONS IS MILES INLAND. Candlewood Lake in western Connecticut near the New York border is a favorite among boaters. It offers something for every type of boater, from its exciting wakeboarding scene and spectacular fishing to its quiet, secluded coves, ideal for families who want to picnic. Candlewood is the largest

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Revolutionary Hull Design

When you drive your Crownline boat over the water on a warm, sunny day, towing a friend on a wakeboard or zipping off to your favorite beach, you’re not thinking about science. But that ride you’re enjoying is born from some of the most cutting-edge science in the boating industry. Crownline’s patented F.A.S.T. TAB® Hull Design is more than just an attractive look for a

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Why Do We Love Boating?

This is the season of love, a time of year when we celebrate our relationships with those we adore. While some people are buying chocolates and flowers for the special love in their lives, maybe you’re buying are a new bilge pump and bottom paint. You see, if you’re like many of us, your dreamboat is an actual . . . well, boat. Think about

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5 Boating Etiquette Tips

 NO BOATER WANTS TO BE KNOWN AS “THAT GUY.” You know the one: the guy other boaters grumble about and don’t like because he carelessly speeds past, jolting other boats with his wake. Or he selfishly takes his time at the boat ramp while a line of other boaters are waiting to hit the water. But there’s no reason to be “That Guy.” It’s easy

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