Getting to Know Personal Flotation Devices

As we crawl ever closer to boating season, it’s important to stop and consider your safety practices and equipment. No, safety isn’t the most exciting part of boating, but it’s incredibly important. Before you go have the time of your life on your Crownline, it’s essential to understand the nuances of boating safety and the laws that make boating a healthy and fun activity for

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Gelcoat Maintenance and Repair Tips

Proper care and maintenance of the gelcoat will keep your boats luster and underlying fiberglass in good condition.   Read these tips for maintenance and repair advice on everything from cleaning to repairing cracks. What is Gelcoat? The deck and hull are made of fiberglass covered with gelcoat. Gelcoat is a scratch resistant, color-pigmented, polyester resin. With normal use, some damage to the gelcoat should be expected. IMPORTANT: Foot

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How To Trim A Boat When Making Turns

Maximize your boats performance and fuel efficiency by learning how to properly use your trim switch.  Boating Magazine has some great instruction on how to trim a boat while making turns.  Adjusting the trim properly is essential to smoother, safer turning. By Kevin Falvey As seen on Boating Magazine's Blog  "Remember: If the drive is trimmed up, the bow will come up. If the drive is trimmed

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Best Boating Books

Curling up with a Good Boating Book Checking out the latest boating news, boat shows, videos, and boat releases are great distractions when you are stuck on land, but staying entertained with a good book is hard to beat. Reading a book with a nautical theme? Well, that sounds pretty darned perfect. Here are a few of our favorite boating books: 1. The Old Man

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A Visit to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

January is a particularly rough time to live in the northern part of the country. Luckily, we’ve found just the place for you to take your Crownline on vacation during this boating-unfriendly month. Look no further than A Visit to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. (photo from New Mexico Tourism Department)   Yep, Truth or Consequences is the name of the small lake town we’re

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Crownline Dealers in the Top 100

CROWNLINE DEALERS AMONG TOP 100 IN BOATING INDUSTRY Boating Industry recently unveiled its list of Top 100 dealers for 2018, and included among the industry’s best were several Crownline dealers. “From the thousands of dealers in North America – and hundreds of nominations – these 100 dealers are the best of the best,” said Boating Industry Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Sweet. “These dealers excel not only at

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Should Boating More be your New Year’s Resolution?

Boating more could be the answer to what ails you.  Most of us strive to better ourselves, and a fresh new year is always a good place to start. Improving physical health, kicking bad habits, cutting loose the toxic parts of our lives that seem to drag us down—where to start? Allow us to offer a resolution that—if you stick to it—will improve your physical

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Holiday Gift Guide 2.0

To celebrate the season, we decided that one gift guide was just not enough. We did some digging and found even more great surprises for the boating fanatic in your life. Festive decorations to handy tools and fun accessories, we’ve got you covered for last-minute gift ideas. BOAT DECOR Luci Lights These color-changing, solar-powered, inflatable lights bring the party wherever they go. Currently a hot

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Holiday Boat Parades

Florida’s Holiday Boat Parades Florida can boast some of the best in holiday boating. Thanks to warm weather and an impressive boating culture, Floridians get to experience a season of boating that most of us can only dream about. Festive Crownline Christmas parties or after-dark cruises, there’s plenty of aquatic cheer to go around down in the Sunshine State. Some of Florida’s best December traditions

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Visit Lake Ouachita

Visit Lake Ouachita - Lake Ouachita winds its way through the Ouachita mountains, filling countless coves and providing scenic views for anyone who visits the lake. Hundreds of islands and miles upon miles of undeveloped shoreline work together to make this place truly natural and provide an exciting sense of adventure. Located next to Hot Springs National Park, Lake Ouachita has it all. It’s a

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