Purchasing new gadgets for your Crownline might be just a little too much fun. Who doesn’t love getting new toys? Today we’re picking some of our favorite boating gadgets, gizmos, apps, and baubles that will make your days on the water easier and even more fun.


YETI LoadOut GoBox 30 | $250

Yeti Cooler

For good reason, YETI has cornered the container market within the marine industry. Their products are tough, well designed and look great. Our first recommendation is their massive LoadOut GoBox 30. This box keeps your gear organized and at arm’s reach, and it’s the perfect companion piece to the already extensive storage space that Crownline boats offer. This is the ideal box for fishing gear, first-aid kits, tools, and any other utilities you need on hand.  (Our Finseeker Center Console Boats include a pull out Yeti Cooler)


GoPro Fusion | $300


Go Pro Fusion

GoPro is a company that thrives on being cool, and the GoPro Fusion is true to its company’s image. Capable of creating incredible 360-degree footage, ultra-high-resolution 5k video and crystal clear photos, this is one impressive camera that’s a real value for its capabilities. You can even create 2D videos with dynamic camera movements from your 360-degree footage. It’s a fun gadget to get to know and test its impressive features.


Kammok Field Blanket | $95

Kammok Field Blanket


If you think a blanket is just blanket, then you haven’t met a Kammok. This microfiber cuddler is completely weatherproof and features a waterproof shell to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in any conditions. And it’s OK to put the blanket through its paces; Kammok offers a lifetime warranty.


Mission Sentry Boat Bumper | $64

Mission Sentry Boat Bumper


Tying off bumpers before docking is a headache. Fortunately, Mission takes the pain away with their absurdly easy-to-use Sentry Boat Fenders. This product attaches to cleats and is curved to fit the contours of your boat for effortless docking and rafting up.


Swiss Army Ranger Grip 79 | $72

Swiss Army


Everyone needs a multi-tool on their boat, and the Ranger Grip 79 is the best one we’ve found. It doesn’t have the most tools, but it has all the ones you need. It’s crafted to near perfection and easy to grip in less-than-ideal conditions. The rubber inlay is tough, the stainless steel blade is hardy, and the tools have a variety of uses that can get you out of a jam in no time.


Cressi Cherokee Ocean Spearfishing Gun | $350

Spear Fishing Gun


Hardly anyone needs a spearfishing gun, but if you happen to spearfish, you’ll want Cressi’s Cherokee Ocean. It’s powerful, flawlessly designed, and features an assisted mechanism that makes reloading quick and easy.


Fishidy Mobile Fishing App | $50 a year

Mobile Fishing App


Fishidy has an offline mapping feature that takes away the stress of losing Wi-Fi or cell connection. Download detailed and interactive maps before each outing to see local hotspots and fishing reports and join a community of fishing and boating enthusiasts just like you.


William Painter The Level Sunglasses | $195

William Painter Sunglasses


There’s something effortlessly cool about simple sunglasses that are the embodiment of confidence, adventure and exploration. The Level model is crafted with aerospace titanium frames and Japanese nylon lenses that deliver 100% UVA protection. They’re also covered by a lifetime warranty.