Podcasts are one of the best ways to scratch that boating itch during the off-season. Tapping into content and interviews about a wide variety of boating topics is a surefire way to keep you engaged, up-to-date, and excited for the next season on your Crownline. Here are a few of our favorite boating podcasts (available on almost all of your favorite podcast apps).


World of Boating Radio Show

World of Boating Podcast

Technically speaking this is a radio show, but the episodes are uploaded as podcasts after they’ve aired. The World of Boating Radio Show is informative, funny, and the only national radio show that is completely devoted to boating. The crew covers a range of topics including boat shows, new products, current events, tips, and much more.


The Boat Galley

The Boat Galley Podcast

The Boat Galley is an online publication and podcast run by a woman who’s been living on a boat with her husband for over 12 years. Her goal is to inspire and inform anyone who has ever dreamed about living on a boat. The podcast is chock-full of great tips and insights, and she’s even released a cookbook for her die-hard fans. The show is honest, fun, easily digestible (episodes range from 5 to 20 minutes), and rather addictive.


The Maritime History Podcast

Maritime History Podcast

If you’re a history buff and a boater, this podcast is for you. Diving deep into ancient boating legends, this show explores how boats have been used throughout the world’s complicated and captivating maritime history. There are episodes based on famous boats, naval battles, and even a few ghost stories. If you’re still trying to hang on to Halloween, check out this episode.


Boating Insights

Boating Insights Podcast

Focused on boating and sailing, this podcast delivers impressive stories and instructions that are designed specifically to help you become a better captain. Each episode has a main topic that ranges from figuring out how your bilge system works to busting boating myths. It’s based out of Australia, so not all the episodes may be applicable to North American audiences, but the accents sure are fun to listen to.


Boating Industry Insider

Boating Industry Insider Podcast

The episodes are few and far between, but they’re filled with crucial information and interviews about the boating industry. Featuring conversations with the industry’s big players, this podcast gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of the boating business in a way that’s both easy to understand and absolutely fascinating.


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