Make 2020 the year you try wakesurfing! It’s a fun and high-energy sport that many boaters find fantastically addictive. For newbies, the mechanics may seem a bit daunting at first, but it’s easy to pick up if you have the right equipment. Of course, getting into wakesurfing is even easier if you have a Crownline Surf Series boat! Here’s a list of great gear to get you started.


Ronix Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper

Shaper Crafts


This shaper crafts a better surf wake when hooked up to virtually any boat. Simply attach the wedge to a side of the hull to create a prime wake on the opposite side of the boat. The shaper is great for any surfer regardless of which foot they have in front.  (Crownline has custom made Wake Worx surf tabs made and installed on each model, it is unlikely to need this for your Crownline Surf) Boat)


MISSION: ALPHA Skim Style Board

Alpha Board


MISSION’s ALPHA board is not only ideal for beginners, it’s a preferred model for experienced wakesurfers. Designed to combine precision and power, the ALPHA is a high-performance surf platform that’s perfect for both hardcore shredders and weekend warriors. A carbon fiber top deck and rails keep the board rigid for a snappy feel over the surf, and a polished-glass bottom makes slashing through the water feel effortless. It’s also lightweight for a smoother recovery from spins, jumps and advanced tricks.


Ronix Forester Capella 3.0 Wake Vest

Ronix Forester


It’s a terrible feeling when you crouch down into the wakesurf position and it feels like there’s a ballast bag attached to your stomach. Not with this vest. The Ronix Forester Capella 3.0 is thin, Coast Guard-approved, and gives you more freedom to stay low and in control.


Wakesurf Balance Board

Balance Board


Balance boards have become a staple in many gyms for their ability to build core strength and stability. Lakesurf has expanded on this concept and designed a balance board specifically to mimic the feeling of wakesurfing. This means you can train all winter and be ready for the first waves of summer.


Proline 2020 Wakesurf Rope and Handle


Proline is an industry leader in quality surf ropes. With multiple grab knots that will help you find your sweet spot, this rope is adaptive, reliable and durable. And the ergonomic handle is easy on your hands and helps prevent premature fatigue.


Crownline Surf Series


The perfect wakesurfing boat to match your new gear, the Crownline Surf Series is specifically built to deliver an incredible surfing experience. This boat is designed with a center ballast system and two additional bags (with quick-disconnect hardware for easy filling) for a total of 1,500 pounds of ballast to increase the height and length of your wave and keep you enjoying the water all day long.