Fall is not the time to forget about fishing. While many fishers start packing things up for the season, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of calm, cooler days and the lack of competition. Many fish are more aggressive during the fall, so hop on board your Crownline and snap up a record catch. Here are some of our favorite fall-fishing tips.


Bass Fishing


Fall is a great time of year to fish for largemouth bass. Baitfish school in larger numbers, so all you have to do is locate a school, cast your line, and wait for a hungry largemouth lurking nearby. In the fall, these schools tend to be located away from the shoreline and structures, so try using your fishfinder in the open water. Set the alarm, because bass are typically more active in the morning. Smallmouth bass follow a similar pattern but are often found closer to the waterbed, so use baits that drop up to 30 feet.




Walleye tend to move to the shallows as the temperature begins to drop. They also feed during the day, rather than early morning. Walleye also tend to stick around structures more than bass, so don’t be afraid to look near docks, trees and buildings. In late fall, these fish start to migrate to deeper waters, so be aware of their habitat shift. Trolling for walleye will give you an idea of where the fish are heading.



Perch and Muskie

If you want to snag a big perch or muskie, start looking for those schools of baitfish. The larger fish need to feed more in the fall to keep up their energy as they prepare for winter. This also means that they are less active, so don’t use a fast-moving bait. Many people have good luck with large, slow-moving, brightly colored lures. Look toward areas of weedless water with a little bit of structure, such as rock beds and timbers.




Pike like to move in the fall. As they roam from school to school hunting baitfish, you’ll want to have your topwater baits ready. Pike don’t mind hunting near the surface, just make sure to target the weed beds and drop-offs and you’re likely to get a good bite. If they aren’t going for the topwater baits, switch to diving baits to catch the fish that are resting later in the day.


Finseeker Details

Outfitting Your Boat

If you’re in the market to upgrade your boat, check out the fishing packages for select Crownline models. They’re loaded with top-notch amenities that will help you elevate your game. With aerated livewells, bait boxes, forward trolling motors, and in-floor rod storage, there are plenty of features to make your fall fishing day a success.

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