Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect time to head out on your Crownline! Here are a few boating date ideas for you and your Valentine. If you’re too far north to enjoy the water today, remember to hang on to this list for the warmer months ahead.

Plan a Dinner Cruise

Simple, elegant and unforgettable, a dinner date night is easy with Crownline’s grilling stations that are perfect for cooking, serving drinks, and keeping food fresh. Find a quiet cove, uncork a bottle of bubbly, grill up an entrée and some veggies, and enjoy some quality time with your sweetheart.

Dock Hop in Your Favorite City

Not interested in cooking? Leave it to the professionals and dock hop to your favorite waterside restaurants. It’s a great way to enjoy dinner and drinks while fitting in a pleasant tour of your favorite city. Nothing beats watching a sunset over the water with the one you love.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve never planned a scavenger hunt, you’re missing out on one of the joys of couplehood. Plan to visit favorite spots and leave some cute clues that hint at upcoming locations. No one is asking you to channel Lord Byron with flowery poetry, but trust us, a little effort will go a long way. And at the end of the day, you’re boating around with your favorite person. Perfect.

Challenge Your Loved One to a Fishing Competition

Healthy competition is good for a relationship. If you’re into fishing, grab your poles and hit your favorite hot spots. You can catch and release or let the winner cook up a fresh Valentine’s Day meal.

Overnight on Your Boat

Get cozy in the cabin of your Crownline. The best part of this suggestion: You can do any or all of the above and not have to end the day by stepping off your boat. A celebration is always more fun on board!