These boats aren’t just for fishing. Center consoles are versatile boats that give you the benefits of a spacious walkaround layout and great athletic performance. They’re a convenient design for fishing, but they’re so much more—a cruising boat, an entertaining boat, and a good, all-around family boat. Yep, it’s time to get a Finseeker.


Walk-around Layout

Finseeker Overhead


The first advantage is the roomy walkaround layout. Often featuring two or three seating areas like pontoons, center console boats have the same comfort in a more responsive and performance-forward package. The cockpit on many center consoles is oversized, so there’s enough space for a captain and co-captain. This makes driving the boat a more collaborative and social experience. Additional seating in the bow and stern provide enough space for everyone on board to spread out and relax.




Fishing and center consoles do go hand-in-hand. They’re packed with fishing amenities—livewells, rod lockers, the works. They’ve got more fishing features than pontoons and cruisers, so they’re a nice mix of sporty and social. And center consoles are loaded with storage space to make trip prep quick and easy.


Adjustable Stern Space

Adjustable Seating


Most center console layouts have a foldable stern bench, so it’s quick and simple to switch from fishing space to comfortable-seating space. The flexibility makes it easy to talk with your friends or cast a line.


Better Handling

230 Finseeker

The center console layout places the driver in the middle of all the activity. This improves visibility, control and overall safety. It’s far easier for captains to navigate more difficult areas if they have a better view. And the larger helm gives the driver more space to comfortably control the boat.




Fun Features



Fishing or cruising, there are plenty of great amenities to get you through the days when you don’t feel like throwing out a line. Outfitted with surround-sound speakers, a massive YETI cooler, swim platform mat, soft upholstered furniture, enclosed toilet, hydraulic steering, large touchscreen display, and Bluetooth radio system, Finseeker center consoles will keep you and your family happy boaters for many seasons to come.