This is the season of love, a time of year when we celebrate our relationships with those we adore. While some people are buying chocolates and flowers for the special love in their lives, maybe you’re buying are a new bilge pump and bottom paint. You see, if you’re like many of us, your dreamboat is an actual . . . well, boat.

Think about it: Your relationship with your boat is probably one of the most valuable, important relationships in your life. In many ways, it is like a romantic relationship.

You gave your boat a loving nickname. Sure, “Eggs-ta-Sea” or “Seaduction” might not be the most traditional romantic nicknames around, but in this case it seems to fit. (Beware: Your human significant other might resent it if you’ve named your boat “True Love” or “Better Half.”)

Your boat helps you forget about your worries and daily stresses. Had a rough week at work? It all seems to melt away once you are reunited with your boat. Together, you can spend a few days cruising to get away from it all. Or you can have an afternoon of thrills and laughs as you enjoy a day of watersports and hanging out on the water. Or you can slip away into some remote, quiet cove, just the two of you, to enjoy a gorgeous sunset and starry night sky.

Your boat is popular with your friends. Yeah, your friends have always liked you. But they seem to like you a lot better with your boat. Maybe it’s because your boat helps you to be a better version of yourself. (Or, maybe it’s because they’re secretly in love with your boat.)

So, while you’re treating those you love this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that special vessel in your life. You know you’d be lost without it.