Build Your Crownline

Build Your Crown

The wait is over, the time is here! 

We’re proud to present our all-new Build Your Crownline experience! Explore our wide array of design tools and pick the perfect model for you and your family. With endless features, Build Your Crownline sets the mark for cutting-edge customization. 

Build Your Crownline has the capacity to build each model in our collection. Every model comes packed with customer-driven settings, customizable interior and exterior, as well as top-of-the-line audio, trailer, and engine selections and upgrades. 

  • Build it: All models in our series are available for customization. Colors, materials, flooring, lighting, and much more, are yours to pick from.
  • Save it: Create your own profile and build your dream boat. Your Crownline or Finseeker will be saved until you’re ready to make an order. 
  • Share it: Build Your Crownline makes it easier than ever to bring your vision to reality. Once your Crownline or Finseeker is built to perfection, you can send a personalized Build Sheet to your closest dealer.

Get started today! Build Your Crownline and choose your crown jewel.

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